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Actual custom cake baking/decorating is very different from what popular TV baking shows  portray.   Too many times customers are misled by what they see on TV, and  too many times we have a "that's not how this works, that's not how any of this works" interaction.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and will we be updating the info as necessary.


Mommy Magic Cakes books all custom order via email, which serves as our written contract. Any deposits or payments of orders paid prior to pickup are refundable 7 days prior to your scheduled pickup day/time.  Any cancellations made less than 7 days prior to pickup may be subject to a partial refund depending upon any work done for the order.  Hand made fondant decorations take multiple days to dry depending upon the detail of the decoration, and custom cookies take a minimum of 2 days to be made/iced/decorated and dry to be bagged.  Any order cancelled less than 3 days prior to pickup is not subject to a refund.  Client email confirmation of pickup day/time constitutes agreement to Mommy Magic Cakes cancellation policy. Design changes within 7 days of scheduled pickup may be subject to an additional fee.


  • Can I get a custom cake order for the same day?

No, we recommend booking a custom order at least 2 weeks in advance.  We bake/decorate all our custom orders according to your chosen pickup day/time.  We do not bake and freeze any of our menu items.  We do offer 6-inch cakes in our walk-in display, and we always have a great selection of cupcakes available for walk-in purchase.  Any custom order placed within 7 days of pickup is subject to a $25 rush fee.

  • Can you do allergy-free, sugar-free, vegan, soy-free, egg-free items?

We are not an allergy-free shop and do not modify our recipes.  We do offer gluten-free items but there could be

cross-contamination so depending upon your personal dietary issues we may recommend you do not eat our products.

  • Can I walk in for a custom consultation and discuss design options at length?

We do offer consultations, but they must be pre-scheduled and there is a fee.  We use email to work out order details so everything is in writing, and this serves as our contract.  We may have a bit of time to discuss an order design, but our typical day is spent baking/decorating/helping walk-in customers and we don't have much time for detailed design discussions, but we frequently check and respond to emails in between timers and walk-in customers.​

  • Can I get a custom sugar cookie order done for today or tomorrow?

Custom sugar cookies take planning and at least 2 days to dry.  So that would be a hard "no" on same-day or next-day booking for custom sugar cookies.  Depending upon what we already have booked, we can sometimes fit in photo decal cookies for a next-day pickup, but they cannot be individually bagged as they do not completely dry in that time frame.​

  • Can you work late to accommodate my last-minute custom order request? (yes, we have actually had people make this request)

This is not Cloud Atlas and we are regular people with regular lives outside of our work schedules here in the shop.  We have families, plans, chores, and errands we attend to like everyone else.  And downtime, we really need our downtime.

It looks like it is all fun and sprinkles and cupcakes, but it is standing on your feet all day, constantly moving, it gets hot up in here and Mommy is getting old and tired.

  • Why do I need to give you a pickup time for my order?

We schedule the baking and decorating of your order around your pickup time so everything is as fresh as possible.   You can always pickup after the scheduled time, but if you arrive prior to your scheduled time the order may not be ready to go.


  • Are you rude?

Not intentionally.  We do have many things going on at the same time, multiple deadlines to meet at any given time, and not enough hours in the day.  Unfortunately we, like most businesses, are understaffed and it is difficult to find help with this specific skill set. We are glad to see you, and would much rather chew the fat than deal with the 10 thousand timers going off, the phone ringing, and the sink full of dishes, but that's just how goes.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?  

We take cash (cash is king), credit cards, personal checks with ID, and we can do credit card phone payments as well.  In extreme circumstances we may accept the first born for scut duty.

  • Do you provide silk/real flowers/greenery or custom non edible toppers?

No, if you send us a pic of a cake with real or silk flowers/greenery, or non edible plastic/glitter/metal topper those would need to be supplied to us or placed on the cake after pickup.  We only provide decorations we can make out of fondant, gumpaste, or icing here in the shop.

  • Do I need to respond to confirmation emails?

Yes, if we do not receive a response to our confirmation emails we will assume you are no longer interested in keeping your booking and we will take you off the schedule.

  • ​Do you close for any holidays?

Yes, we close for Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Thursday, Christmas Day and the day after Christmas.  We are open every day aside from these holidays.  If we do need to close due to unforseen circumstances (ice/snow and can't get out of the house, murder hornet swarms,  or the zombie apocalypse) we will make a posting on our facebook page.

  • Will the cake you make for me look exactly like the picture I send you?

No.  Even if it is a pic of one of our cakes, what we make is hand made by humans (we do not have AI), and nothing can be replicated exactly.  Your creation will be similar, but not exact.  If you are looking for exact replication down to each detail, we may not be the shop for you.

  • Do you have tons of cakes on hand to purchase like the grocery store?

No, we  keep some small 6 inch round cakes in our most popular flavors for last minute walk in purchase.  We are a custom cake shop, not a grocery store that has bulk quantities of  cakes shipped in waiting to be purchased, so we only bake as we sell so the cakes will be fresh. 

  • Can I have my cake  iced with cream cheese icing?

We can texture ice your cake with cream cheese, but we don't smooth ice our cream cheese as it is soft and may pull off the sides of the cake.  Textured icing such as rosette piping and comb/spatula mark techniques do well, but we will not smooth ice cream cheese on the outside of the cake.

  • Do you deliver?

We only deliver large multi tiered cakes to party venues within the town limits of Mt Airy. 

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