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Classic Goodies

In addition to our custom items and everyday classic cakes and cupcakes, we offer a variety of classic goodies*

(*in stock case items only, pricing does not include custom menu items).


  • Sugar Cookies 

  • Shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate 

  • Gingerbread cookies 

  • Classic cookies (order minimum of 12)*

  • French Macaroons






*Classic cookies are chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, toffee, marshmallow, and snicker doodle.


Chocolate Covered Goodies

  • Chocolate Covered Goodies:

  • Chocolate covered pretzels:

   -Small squares


   -Jumbo Twists 

  • Oreo Pops

  • Cake Pops (chocolate and vanilla cake available)

  • Gluten free cake pops*

  • Chocolate covered brownie bites 

  • Cookie eating monster 

  • Jumbo petit fours 

  • Chocolate covered marshmallow pops 

  • Buckeyes 

  • Chocolate chip cookie dough bites

  • Chocolate covered graham crackers 

  • Coco Bombs** 

  • Chocolate Waffle Cake Marshmallow Buttercream Sweet Hearts

  • Nutter Butter Buddies

 *Gluten free cake pops must be preordered

 **Coco bombs must be preordered outside of the winter months 










$1.50 small/$3.00 large









Custom Orders

Custom order pricing will vary depending on the requests of the customer. 

Our custom cakes start between $3-$5 per serving for buttercream icing and $5-$8 per serving for fondant covered cakes.  The final cost will depend on how the cake is decorated.

Specialty cake fillings will add $5-$10 to the order depending on cake size and filling request. 

Custom cupcakes start at $3/each, photo decal topper cupcakes are $4 each, custom color cake pops at $2.50 each. We do offer individually bagging and ribbon tying cookies and cake pops for a fee of $3/dozen.

Decorated sugar cookies start at $3 each, shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate are $1.50 each, platter assortments will be priced depending on the cookies selected.    If you would like your cookies assembled onto a platter and gift bagged there is an additional $5 platter fee.

Orders booked within 7 business days prior to an event may be subject to a $25 rush fee. 

Deliveries will have extra fees (starting at $40), are limited to multi tiered 90+ serving event cakes being delivered to a reception venue in the town of Mt Airy,  and delivery may not be available depending upon our schedule.           

 We do not offer tastings as we are not a traditional cake shop, but we offer mini cupcake samples for $1 each, minimum order quantity of 6 per flavor, with a minimum of 48 hours notice.

Orders and cake designs will be completed via email, but if you would like a sit down consultation there is a $25 non refundable fee for a 30 minute consultation.

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