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  • Sugar Cookies                                                                $3.00

  • Shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate                 $1.50

  • Chocolate Covered Gingerbread cookies               $3.00

  • Gingerbread Men cookies                                              $2.00

  • Classic cookies* (order minimum of 12)                  $1.00

  • French Macarons                                                           $1.50


*Classic cookies are chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, toffee, marshmallow, and snicker doodle.

Platter assortments

will be priced depending on the cookies selected. If you would like your cookies assembled onto a platter and gift bagged, there is an additional $5 platter fee.

The Difference 2-17 Cookies

Each 2-17 cookie

is sold for $6.


50% of each sale goes directly to

The Difference 2-17

What is The Difference 2-17?

"The Difference 2-17 is a purpose-driven personal life skills enrichment center for teens and adults with intellectual diversity and a wide range of intellectual disabilities who require assistance to further their independence.

We encourage life skills enrichment programs together with vocational, volunteer and job skills development opportunities, while fostering a balance of social interaction and community inclusive activities.

As we progress, we will continue to open doors, push boundaries, and support individuals with intellectual diversity through a bespoke and fully inclusive environment."

Quoted directly from the "The Difference 2-17" website (linked)

Chocolate Creations

  • Cake Pops (van, choc)           $2.00

  • Cake Pop Cones                     $3.50

  • Oreo Pops                                $2

  • Oreo Cookie Monsters          $1.75

  • Oreo Bears                               $5

  • Brownie Bites                          $1.75

  • Marshmallow Pop (sm,L)       $1.50/$3

  • Nutter Buddies                        $2

  • Cocoa Bombs*                       $6

*Cocoa bombs must be preordered outside of winter months

  • Jumbo Pretzel Twists            $3

  • Pretzel Rods                             $1.5

  • Pretzel Square Box                 $20/lb

  • Pretzel Piece Bag                    $5

  • M&M Pretzel Flowers             50¢

  • Jumbo Petit 4's                        $6.50

  • Buckeyes                                   $20/lb

  • Cookie Dough Bites               $20/lb

  • Chocolate Waffle                    $5
    Sweet Hearts                            

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